Flying Wild Hog Studio Announces New Sci-Fi Multiplayer Game in The Works

In a recent blog post, the studio behind Shadow Warrior announced their partnership with publisher Jagex to create a new game for next-generation consoles.

By Kiemour, Posted 19 Aug 2020



Almost immediately after the reveal of Shadow Warrior 3, with its action-packed 17 minute trailer, the developer responsible begins to discuss their next big game. In a blog post by the publisher known as Jagex, it revealed a partnership with Flying Hog Studio for an upcoming game outside of the Shadow Warrior universe.

According to the post, the upcoming game has been described as a multiplayer, "multi-format living" action RPG for which players can expect a slew of content drops after the official release. Jagex, the publishers of Runescape, was listed as a similar "living" game, and this comparison could hint towards more details about the upcoming project. 

The blog post detailed immense appreciation and excitement between the two companies concerning the upcoming title, with Flying Wild Hog even calling Jagex "the ideal publishing partner for a game that with our talented development team can't wait to show the world." Jagex shares this enthusiasm, saying "In Flying Wild Hog, we've found a partner that fully appreciates the importance of evergreen and evolving design, meaning social interaction, player empowerment, and long-term commercial opportunity." These comments give promise and hope for the upcoming game, though very little has been revealed.

Shadow Warrior 2, Gameplay

The title has plans for both open and closed betas, as the developers want to make sure that they take player opinions into account before the game's 2021 release. The game will utilize the Unreal Engine 4, giving players "high adventure and explosive action", on par with the next generation technology. 

The blog post only revealed that their upcoming project will feature a science-fiction setting, which is leaps and bounds away from the Shadow Warrior series that Flying Wild Hog is known for. However, it is possible that the upcoming title will build off of gameplay elements from Shadow Warrior, such as its humor, unique boss fights, and hybrid of melee and ranged attacks.

Because of this partnership between two largely successful action-RPG companies, Flying Wild Hog is geared for success to launch the upcoming game. Unfortunately, fans will likely have to wait until Shadow Warrior 3's release before more information is revealed about the upcoming multiplayer project.

Kieran Mouritsen 
Editor, NoobFeed

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