Hell Let Loose Launches on PC Today

Take part in giant WW2 battles in Hell Let Loose

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jul 2021

Today Hell Let Loose 1.0 update is now available. With 100 players fighting in WW2 in giant epic battles.

Hell Let Loose,NoobFeed,

Players will choose from 14 roles and take on different aspects during the war. Work together or fall as one.

Hell Let Loose key features

The brutality of the War in Europe: Hell Let Loose portrays the battles of the Western and Eastern Fronts across two distinct modes, Offensive and Warfare.

Authentic strategic gameplay: Each side of 50 players is broken down into armor, infantry, and recon, led by officers with a direct line to an overall player-commander directing the flow of the game.

Unique metagame: Extended battles entrench participants in the tidal-like motion of the frontline that builds up Hell Let Loose’s real-time strategy-inspired metagame.

Playing a Part: Fourteen roles are available for players to experience, from engineers and snipers, commanders and tank crewmen, medics, and support; all play a part in the war effort.

The update will bring 2 additional maps, Kursk and Stalingrad, along with 20 more weapons and gadgets, 4 vehicles, and Soviet forces.

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