Capcom Wants You To Take a Survey for the Next Resident Evil

In old classic Japanese fashion, Capcom wants you to choose which Resident Evil to remaster.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 02 Jun 2023

Capcom has been hyperactive about both releasing new games and remaking the old ones from their own catalog. This trend of remaking old titles started a few years ago with Capcom’s decision to bring back Resident Evil with a new face, polished gameplay and stunning visuals. Although the classic games are still considered as valuable gems, Capcom’s addition to put old games into the current generation’s perspective was quite brave. Despite their bold decision, their train of remade titles have been going extremely well and general feedback of the remakes are overwhelmingly positive too.

After Resident Evil 4: Remake’s huge success in the past couple months, Capcom is now asking fans about which Resident Evil game to remaster or remake, and bring back to the market. In order to answer their question, Capcom provided a survey that allows you to pick which Resident Evil titles need a comeback. This sort of survey is nothing unusual, as other Japanese developers approach their player base the same way. Sega, another Japanese game giant, had a survey for the American and European market about which games should be carried over from Japan to the west a few years ago.

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Capcom already re-released many of the old RE games to the new generation of hardware and they are slowly running out of games to renew. However, we have a guess on which game they are going for: Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Known as one of the spinoffs to the series, Code Veronica only saw a proper 6th gen console release and is highly sought after due its rarity. Right now Code Veronica does not exist in the PC library, so it is highly likely we will see it soon on the PC platform, though it is up to both fans' choices and Capcom’s decision on the matter.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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