Stellar Blade Raises Controversy with Female Protagonists in Gaming

The Stellar Blade controversy shows what is wrong with female protagonist in modern day gaming.

By FaithLane, Posted 30 Apr 2024

Stellar Blade has been the talk of everyone’s news feed lately as the game has completely sold out at almost all stores physically, and everyone is currently playing it. The game unfortunately has been dealing with a lot of controversy, mainly due to the game that the character is showing off quite a bit of skin which seems to be a standard with female protagonists in a video game in today’s day and age.

The controversy started before Stellar Blade was even released and now that it is out the game has actually been well-received by the critics who have reviewed it. However, some of the reviews have stated that the female protagonist is not showing enough skin either. It is sad in the beginning that video game characters have to be so sexualized to the point that the industry can’t have a female protagonist in their story without her needing to be scantily clad. What takes this to the next level is some of the critics are now blaming the developer SHIFT UP and also PlayStation for “censoring” some of the game so to speak.


What had happened is that Stellar Blade has many different outfits for Eve, who is our main female protagonist, and it seems that they changed them just slightly in the patch-free disc version and what is now the final release of the game. In the patch-free disc version, the outfits are a lot more revealing version in the final game, those revealing pieces have been covered up. The images show that the cleavage area is now covered up a lot more than in the previous version, and apparently, this small detail is what has sent players off the walls about it already.

However, a lot of the controversy comes from the idea that some of the outfits in Stellar Blade are still featuring a lot of nudes, especially the skin suit which features a lot of suggestive nudity. So it has a lot of players wondering why they even bothered in the first place covering things up when it seems in vain. While this is really understandable, this has to be one of the most…interesting controversy we have seen in a while in the video game industry. With everything considered, it makes many wonder if the developers will end up removing the outfits that are still revealing from the game or leave them. Stay tuned to find out more.

Faith Lane (@FaithLaneAuthor)
Editor, NoobFeed

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