Play God in The Sandbox, Now Available on Ouya

Indie developer Pixowl releases The Sandbox on Ouya, now available.

By XboxBetty, Posted 09 Jul 2014

Taking heed from the 8-bit games of the 80s and 90s, The Sandbox is a strategic world-building game wherein players are given control of a pixelated world. Acting as an apprentice god, players are tasked with shaping said world in any way they deem necessary. 

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Molding the environment of The Sandbox is done through the combination of simple elements, creating more complex ones in the process. Furthermore, these complex elements are then combined to build up societies, machinery, art and music.

It would take an act of god to bring order to these wild virtual landscapes, and fortunately, players are empowered to do just that. With godlike powers of creation and destruction and dominion over more than 150 different dynamic elements, vengeful and benevolent deities alike are encouraged to indulge their god complex in this dynamic, inventive title.

In the recently uploaded Ouya - The Sandbox Trailer, viewers can see just how creative they can get with the game. The imaginative gameplay options seem endless with players able to "compose chiptune music, create explosions, recreate the Jurassic period and build monuments," within The Sandbox, among other things.

The Sandbox, Ouya, Pixowl, New Release, Gaming, Indie, Video Games

Available now on Ouya, The Sandbox is also available through Google Play, the App Store and Steam Early Access. Like the Ouya version, the mobile versions are free of charge, with in-app purchases, however, the Steam version is priced at a hefty $9.99, and the "reviews" aren't looking so hot.

If you don't have a Ouya, mobile gaming is so below you or you're not willing to shell out the cash for an incomplete game, you can check out a free version of The Sandbox on Kongregate. It doesn't look like the best version, but free, am I right?

Whatever your views on Ouya, I'm one of those individuals that put my faith in Ouya from day one. Sure, under my roof it doesn't get as much use as it deserves, however, I've yet to spend my time on a Ouya game that has disappointed. Here's to hoping The Sandbox doesn't curse my lucky streak.   

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed

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