Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed, Finally

Ubisoft finally confirms what everyone has known for a long time

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Jun 2016

Ubisoft made it official today, Watch Dogs 2 is in development and will be shown at E3 2016.

The big reveal came from a trailer called "Hello World" that doesn't show much except a character surfing through their phone, probably hacking. Whether this is the new protagonist that was leaked earlier this year is yet to be seen. A third of the trailers reveal is dislike, mostly due to the mediocrity of the first game. Hoepfully Ubisoft will listen and improve on Watch Dogs 2.

Ubisoft will be revealing Watch Dogs 2 on Wednesday June 8.

Here’s the time’s for your region:

5 pm BST time

6 pm CEST time

9 am Pacific time

12 pm Eastern time

12 am East Asian time

If you want to read our opinions about Watch Dogs 2, and what we would like to see from the sequel click here.

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