Endless Space 2 Receives Content Packs That Expand The Soundtrack, Add New Quests And Minor Factions

Endless Space 2 gets a similar treatment to Endless Legend.

By Woozie, Posted 13 Mar 2018

Endless Space 2's roster grew back in January, with the introduction of the Vaulters. While the team at Amplitude Studios are working with their community, on their GAMES2GETHER platform, to draw the outlines of the next faction, they've also put out two smaller content packs focusing on expanding the game's universe. If you've played Endless Legend, the two packs are modeled after its The Lost Tales and Echoes Of Auriga DLCs.

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Untold Tales adds 4 new minor factions which include the Sowers, a familiar face from Endless Space, 4 new heroes and 21 minor faction quests. Lost Symphony expands the soundtrack with seven new tracks, while introducing the Harmony, another familiar face from the first game, as a minor faction. Both packs are priced at $2.99 / 2.99€ / £2.49, with a 10% discount until March 19th. Endless Space 2 is also 50% cheaper until March 19th. Alongside the content packs, patch 1.2.18 went live. It focuses on rebalancing weapons and support modules, as well as governments. Have a look at the full announcement.

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