Producer Who Worked on Mario Movie Denies the Legend of Zelda Movie Rumors

Movie production can be easily predictable, but this time around it did not work for the Legend of Zelda movie.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 19 Jun 2023

Recent rumors have appeared about a new The Legend of Zelda movie after the success of the Super Mario Bros. movie that came out a few months ago. However, the rumors were shut down real quick by the creator and producer of the Super Mario Bros. Movie entirely.

Super Mario Bros. movie was a collaboration between Universal Studios, Illumination, and of course, Nintendo. Meanwhile, the movie is fairly new, most of the critics expect it to be the highest-grossing animation movie of this year. Super Mario Bros. Movie also was also reviewed as one of the best-animated films, making it a worthy hustle for all producers involved. Clearly, after having massive positive feedback, Nintendo might have opted for another movie adaptation of their beloved IPs. Without having a confirmed word, people started circulating the thought of a new movie by Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo.

As everyone would have expected, everyone had wild speculation about The Legend of Zelda having its own movie adaptation next. After all, most of the gaming-related movies, or the commissioning developers tend to ask for another movie once it does well. We could easily see the same strategy employed by SEGA when their first Sonic the Hedgehog movie was ultimately deemed to be a box office hit and they immediately started working on Sonic 2, as it would also tie in with the real-life gaming timeline.

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Oddly enough, these rumors reached out to the creator of the Super Mario Bros. Movie producer, Chris Meladandri. In a recent interview with one of the movie magazines, when forwarded that question about the works of a new Legend of Zelda movie, he stated it was his first time hearing about it, and even he did not know where the rumor was coming from either. According to him, it was led by the thoughts behind the great friendship between Nintendo and Illumination now, but being close friends do not mean it is going to continue in a steady relationship.

Despite all the denied statements, people could still think about the expected sequel to Super Mario Bros. Movie. Unfortunately, the voice actor of Mario, Chris Pratt has revealed that it is not in the works, as he is not asked to do more voice recordings for the character.

So in short, there is not a planned Legend of Zelda movie in the works, and people’s basic predictions completely turned out to be false. It is best to just leave the professional work to the people who have dealt with the business for many years. We are absolutely sure that the talented people behind the movie projects are well aware profits and interest would a new Legend of Zelda movie would bring. It is not certainly the time and there is nothing else to do besides patiently wait if you are very desperate for another work done by those companies.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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