God of War: Ragnarok Won't Be The Last Norse God of War Game

Ben Prendergast, Tyr's voice actor in God of War Ragnarök, hints at a possible sequel.

By DShelley, Posted 28 Mar 2023

God of War Ragnarök is considered a masterpiece by many gamers and it seems that it won't be the last time we see Kratos face off against the many gods and monsters in Norse mythology. Ben Prendergast, the voice of Tyr in the game, has hinted that more games will be coming to the series, causing speculation to run abla4ze.

The voice actor, who is known for roles such as Fuse in Apex Legends and Lanselot Hamilton in 2022's Tactics Ogre: Reborn was recently speaking at a panel for this year's PAX East. Prendergast, who provides the voice of Tyr, makes an offhand comment about the fate of his character, who for most of the game aids and assists both Kratos and Atreus during their journey until one of the game's biggest moments.

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Many who attended this year's PAX East were expecting to get an exciting first-hand look into what went into the making of God of War Ragnarök and how Prendergast played his role as Tyr. However, many were disappointed not to hear about the potential future of the series, as Prendergast went into great detail discussing his character and his future mentioning that Ragnarok "isn't the last you've seen of Tyr".

Tyr is one of the few characters in God of War Ragnarök whose story seems far from over as the game's story left many loose threads, such as the Sinmara, whom players have yet to see. The hint at the potential sequel was dropped just before the panel moved onto the QA segment, meaning questions about the next potential entry in the series hounded them.

Many fans were eager for more details, which is understandable as the game grossed roughly 11 million dollars during its first few months after its release. However, despite their enthusiasm, Prendergast did say that due to him signing an NDA, he would be unable to disclose any information about a potential God of War Ragnarök sequel as he didn't know much and couldn't reveal more than he already had.

Much like its predecessor, we will most likely not be getting any major DLC expansions for God of War Ragnarök. This means, because of Prendergast's comment, that we'll be getting a possible new entry into the God of War series or sequel to God of War Ragnarök. For those of you who are confused as to why it is being called a sequel to Ragnarök is because Ragnarok itself wasn't labeled as a Sequel to God of War (2018). While there is no official announcement yet, it is good news to know that we will get to see Kratos face off against the gods of Norse mythology once more.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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